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Thanks Liz
September 23, 2007, 3:43 pm
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So here I am with a wordpress weblog. I’ve actually been meaning to start a blog for a very long time, well, ever since I got to NYC which feels like a couple lifetimes ago. I had this dream of getting my own domain a la and creating a wordpress weblog there and also using the site to showcase my web design portfolio, art, music, photos and ramblings. I started creating the masthead and got frustrated with trying to make the design absolutely perfect because I felt like it had to represent everything I can do as a designer. Well, f**k that.

And then my friend Liz last week sent out an email with a link to her weblog. She has helped me see that I can’t really grow into a tired and cynical older woman because that just isn’t my style, or hers. Her writing is always such a pleasure to read, so full of humor and patience. If Liz can do it, I should too! And then I realized that it was indeed time for me to stop procrastinating and that that moment only minutes ago was as good a time as any for me to get my act together to have a presence on the web…well, besides one of the sites I create for other people.

I see this as part of my emergence into the world.

Within the last few years I have come to the realization that I have hidden myself away for the majority of my life. That has included my artwork (which was rarely shown to people), my interests (which I assumed no one would appreciate or take seriously) and my honest opinions. I have made the decision to express myself as much as I can and I am constantly working on feeling safer to do this. People I effect just might be better for it.

I plan to acquire a digital camera and document my daily life here in the craziest place I have ever lived hands down, and I’d also like to post up artwork, my own music and the music of others that inspires me. Sooner or later, I’d like to customize the CSS on this page and make the design unique, but that might be a while. It’s hard for me get excited about doing any coding in my free time. In theory, it sounds great, but in reality, it might be few months. But I’ll keep changing the header picture whenever the mood strikes me.


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lark, I’m glad you’ve started your own blog. The idea of documenting daily life in the world capitol is intriguing. I look forward to checking in and seeing what you’ve got.

For what little it might be worth, Alex Marshall has a friend, Lisa Chamberlain, who documents the city with photos.

Her emphasis is a little more newsy than what I assume your emphasis will be.

Seeing more of your artwork will be great.

I’ve linked this site from the front of, too.

Comment by Lawrence Krubner

come now, NYC crazier than GSO? sheeit. things are off the chain here 24/7. when i spent time in the big city i was like “this is it? there idn’t nuthin to do here. i’m goin home to where the party never stops”. and i went back and the party was still raging. hellz yeah, gso represent!

Comment by Fuzzhead

“come now, NYC crazier than GSO? sheeit. things are off the chain here 24/7.”
Fuzzhead- In GSO, it’s a party in our hearts.

Comment by robotronik

“In GSO, it’s a party in our hearts.”

Lark, you’re brilliant. GSO throws the best heart party this side of the twety-first century.

I am going read your blog in the same way I consume the rest of the internet whenever I get the chance- compulsively. Blogs are great. They can inspire you to write because you always have an audience. An endless, invisible audience that is some sort of symbolic reflection of some deep corner of your hidden soul.
I miss you!

Comment by Carrot

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