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One reason I like New Yorkers
September 26, 2007, 8:20 pm
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I was biking across the Williamsburg Bridge tonight, coming back from my new daily-ground life up in Manhattan and I was busting ass. Most of the time I haul my laptop around plus a book, water, my lock, some clothes, food and whatnot and I move into a higher gear to make the long incline a bit easier- especially on my way back from the big A because there probably were a couple near-death experiences that kinda got the old blood flowing and now I’m crashing from over-stimulation and coffee.

But in any case tonight, maybe it was the coffee or maybe it was just the sense of post-work freedom, I was in one of my lower gears and I was sailing past all the fixies, charging up the bridge. I get whims like this- bursts of energy, invulnerability, invincibleness, what-have-you, and it feels nice to expend my energy while I ride my bike. I guess it’s like running really really hard on a hamster wheel.

In most places I have lived I cycle up a steep hill with all my might and men whistle or cat-call “damn girl”or “can I get a ride?”- hoping I might just pull to the side so they can swoop me off my feet with their love-skills. Other times people just look at me like I’m a quack.

As I cycled up the bridge tonight, leaning hard on my handle-bars, breathing rhythmically, feeling triumphant and just a little quackish, I passed others coming up towards me biking just as furiously and with just as much passion, if not more. It was an army of passionate people, unafraid of over-stimulation and pushing themselves harder just for the sake of it. Maybe I’m romanticizing it but it feels good to be surrounded by strangers who give a shit about their lives and who aren’t settling for boredom.


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“Army of passionate people”…that we are.Be sure to check out your local Critical Mass gathering.
This and every last Friday of the Month.


Comment by Jr

Thanks Jr. I have been meaning to go to critical mass since I moved to the city in May but I have not attended one yet! Hopefully this month I’ll make it out…

Comment by robotronik


Comment by click

Very inspiring story 🙂 I am still working on getting to that point when going across the Williamsburg Bridge….determination 🙂

Comment by Heather

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