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We are 138!
September 30, 2007, 2:30 pm
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I find him revolting yet fascinating. Actually one of the most interesting facial tattoos I have ever seen. I could not stop staring at him. I found this image at the skull-a-day blog. Tattoo by Frank at Derm FX Tattoo in Montreal on Rick Genest.

There are some more recent pictures of him. He has gone on to continue the tattoo, covering his whole head and neck:

He’s quite beautiful really in the context of the art on rest of his body.


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I like the fact that one of your categories is “Holy Crap”.

Comment by Lawrence Krubner

I have to say that I get thousands of hits to my blog because of this post. Seriously. I never would have expected it to be such a popular photo in search engines. Thank you Rick! I admire your expression immensely.

Comment by robotronik

Looks fantastic now. But damn dude – what about when you are seventy?

Comment by Paul

[…] have to admit, it is one of the weirdest face tattoos yet you cannot stop looking at […]

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That is awesome!!! Shave ur eyebrows and it would be even better! But all i got to say is, “AWESOME”

Comment by Augusta

damn that’s cool as fuck, but i got to ask. does this guy ever get laid? that’s the biggest fucking fiend i’ve ever seen.

Comment by bigjoeinsc

[…] fraction of the activity on the site.  Who are all you people? Most of you just want to ogle poor Rick Genest.  He is my little blog celebrity according to my stats.  Bless his […]

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ok..honestly, I would like to do him. have you seen other pics of this guy. Hot body!

Comment by BHS

i’d do him too

Comment by szilvi

Well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for me, I have to wonder, why would you want to do that and go to all that trouble and expense.

Comment by william

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