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New Piece for World of Imagination Exhibition in NYC

New Painting for World of Imagination Show

I just completed a new piece for APW Gallery’s “World of Imagination II” group show in Long Island City, NY. Its a show of 12″ x 12″ paintings. I’m pretty excited about my submission. It was originally a part of a two panel piece. Sadly the second panel, also 12″ x 12″ (you’re allowed to submit up to five 12″ x 12″ pieces for the show) was incomplete and I was stressing it so I decided to leave it at home. If the piece above doesn’t sell I’ll reunite them and complete the set. The second one was a mixed-media piece that connects to the above painting. Its the meat-and-potatoes surrealistic bit to the whole thing and done in my typical schizophrenic 3D style. Ah well, such is deadlines.

The opening reception is on March 6th from 6-9pm.

The show will hang from March 6 until March 29.

For more info on the show, visit the APW blog.

This is my first realistic painting I’ve done in years and the first I’ve ever completed using acrylics. Acrylic is so tricky with this type of work. I am really curious about the methods other people use to keep it workable for long periods of time. I used a retarder made by Golden that I bought specifically for this project since I knew workability was going to be an issue for the portrait. Even with the retarder, it was still a problem. It was a combination of fun puzzle and great annoyance to constantly be recreating colors and their slight variations as they dried before I could use them.

Submission for Art House’s “The Sketchbook Project: Vol. 3” Goes Into the Mail Tomorrow!

Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3

I just completed my submission for Atlanta-based Art House‘s project “The Sketchbook Project: Vol. 3.” The rules: they send you a Moleskine sketchbook and a voluntary theme and you send it back by the deadline. Then they take it, plus a couple thousand other sketchbooks, on tour around the nation. It’ll visit Atlanta, DC, Philly, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, and Brooklyn. To see where you can view them, check out the link to the Sketchbook Project above.

The pictures above show my interpretation of their theme “Everyone We Know.” The pages are all connected- folding out into one long page and back in between the covers accordion-style. The last image above shows how it looks completely folded out. The black space between the portraits is area that I removed with an X-ACTO knife.

Thanks to everyone who sat so I could draw their portrait and thanks to those friends who’s faces I stole from photos without their consent.

If you live in Brooklyn, you can catch the show at 3rd Ward on March 13th at 7pm.

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Electro-Magnetism: Episode 8


My my what a lovely assortment of tunes this afternoon! It is simply gorgeous out and here I go working in my room all day – at least I’ve got the window open and the 55 degree winds of warmth and freshness blowing in.

And yes, I totally spaced on doing last week’s mix. Bad me, bad me. My friend Joe called me out on it and deservedly so!

Anyways, one of my favorite tracks of the moment is “Somewhere In The Night” by French band Stereo from 1982. Minimal Wave has recently re-released their album of the same name and it looks fabulous!

Check out the re-release here.

There are a couple D.A.F. tracks from the “Absolute Body Control” 12″…though I’m sad to say that the wonderfully funky song of the same name at the end of this mix came out sounding horrible. My apologies!

Listen to it here.

Download it for later.

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1. Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme
2. Einzelgänger – Einzelgänger
3. Der Plan – Ich bin ein Computer
4. Pankow – Das Vodkalied
5. D.A.F.- 1st Step to Heaven (Instrumental)
6. Turqoise Days – Blurred
7. Linear Movement – Synthesize
8. Stereo – Somewhere In The Night
9. Klein and M.B.O. – Dirty Talk (Original 12″ Instrumental Mix)
10. Tinfoil Teakettle – Think Like Us
11. Cabaret Voltaire – Kino
12. D.A.F. – Absolute Body Control (sound quality sucks!! Sorry)

Show at APW Gallery: World of Imagination II 3/8 – 3/29
February 6, 2009, 1:09 pm
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I am going to be participating in a mass art show at APW Gallery in Long Island City called Word of Imagination II. It will feature almost 500 artists showing 12″ x 12″ canvas paintings.  I am not sure what to expect from the show but I am excited to meet more artists and see so much artwork!

I am attempting to create 4 paintings for this show that will run from March 6 through March 29. I will post photos as soon as I have something worthwhile to photograph!

List of Artists:

  1. -)|(-
  2. A.S. Roman
  3. Aaron
  4. Aaron Schraeter
  5. Adams
  6. Addy B.
  7. Ahmad Matta
  8. Aimée Wheaton
  9. Al Benkin
  10. Aldo caredda
  11. Aleksander Leppä
  12. Alex Ariza
  13. Continue reading