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Electro-Magnetism: Episode 10 – Too Much Coffee/ Die Audacity Die


Hello my beloved listeners where ever you may be. It’s been a minute here with the podcasts/mixes…Thanks for holding out! I have come through at last with a new little mix. It’s rather short, but I was running low on time so, well, there it is. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had some awesome positive responses about the mixes and I really appreciate it! It makes me feel like someone is actually listening to them. And not only just listening to them, but enjoying them, hearing new things, old things, loved things. Thank you!

Listen to it here.

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1. Perspects – The Accumulators
2. James Figurine – Stop
3. Opera – Emotion
4. I Start Counting – Still Smiling
5. Duet Emmo – Or So It Seems
6. The Future – Blank Clocks
7. Medio Mutante – Another Land
8. Chris & Cosey – Talk to Me
9. Duet Emmo – Friano
10. Linear Movement – The Linear Way

(Title explanation– I mentioned I was low on time.  And then Audacity decided to get all buggy on my ass and cost me another hour. Me wants to smashy smashy with annoyance!)

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nice tunes… love the medio mutante especially and excited about minimal wave branching out. do you have any info on the opera track? is that the french opera?

Comment by Nate S

Yes- Isn’t the Opera track wonderful? Opera was indeed from Toulouse, France. They broke up a while back. There was no official release, and I don’t think they are planning to make one. Quite a shame. I procured all the MP3’s I could off of the band through their Myspace page. Some of the members went on to form Remiggi 5000. I like them a lot as well. I posted a track by them in my last mix ( Not quite the same, but still great!

The Medio Mutante EP is the shit! I’m very excited as well about Cititrax.

Thanks for listening 🙂

Comment by robotronik

thanks. what a shame to not have the opera on wax!

i’ll check out your other mixes soon.


Comment by Nate S

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