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Electro-Magnetism: Episode 11 (Spring and Solvent!)

Is it really here? After so many false starts? The trees say yes, but I’m pessimistic. It’ll never come! Ever!

Well it’s sunny out, though I haven’t felt it on my skin yet since I’ve been trollishly indoors all day. I am heading out in a minute after I post this. I swear.

My original intention with this mix was to incorporate a theme. I wanted to celebrate the fact that one of my all time favorite musicians, Solvent, is performing April 29th at Wierd at 131 Christie. What a treat! Based in Toronto, Solvent (aka Jason Amm) has been hugely influential on my tastes in music and my attempts to make my own. Its unique even within the realm of synthesizer pop and after exhausting all his material I struggled to find other bands similar enough to him to fulfill my analog bleep-filled desires. There really weren’t any others that quite hit the spot! What to do? I explored a little and discovered his label Suction Records which is now kaput but offered me Lowfish, his other project Black Turtleneck and the Snow Robots compilations (though most of the tracks I love on the comps are side projects of his).

Shortly thereafter I came across the music of Roger Semsroth, aka Skanfrom and now Sleeparchive. He was also the synth mastermind behind Bakterielle Infektion. His music in B.I. and Skanfrom, melancholy and dark synthetic pop sometimes verging on noise, has really grown on me as has his new minimal material. Lovely.

So my choices for this mix today all stem from my fascination in some way with the instrumental-meticulous-analog-synth-warm-yet-chilly music of Solvent. I think. Well, a lot of it does anyway. And some of it I just thought was pretty and threw in for good measure. Like “Who is Kip Jones?” by Experimental Products. I am totally obsessed right now! That song has become a daily ritual….


Listen to it here.

Download it for later.

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1. Stephan Bodzin – Bremen Ost
2. Sleeparchive – QCD
3. Bakterielle Infektion – Verbindung
4. Jeunesse Fantôme – Księżyc
5. Solvent – Operating Ease
6. Lowfish – Fric Frac
7. Goudron – Art School Fuckheads
8. Skanfrom – My New 7″
9. Black Turtleneck – Step Sequencer
10. Reducers – Airways
11. Solvent – Wish
12. I Satellite – Bubbleboy (Instrumental)
13. Skanfrom – In 17
14. Beirut – No Dice
15. Experimental Products – Who is Kip Jones?

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Horror of horrors. Solvent has been postponed until September! Sadness.

Comment by robotronik

Good stuff all around. I hit “play” and had “repeat” on and listened to this for 14 hours, even while sleeping. Yes, it has seeped deep into my subconscious now. I had an amazing dream last night, and now I’m curious which song was playing while I had that dream.

Did you ever get to see Sovent?

Comment by Lawrence

Nope. The original show was canceled and he hasn’t been scheduled to return as of yet. I’d be into booking the show as I’d love love to see him live. Maybe at my new house… 🙂

Comment by robotronik

Ah, tragic. Yes, I hope you get to see him Over There.

Comment by Lawrence

Had a beautiful dream, inspired by the music. It was a dark night and I was in a vast field. There were some other people there. The other people started off as friends of mine, though at later moments they were just my brothers. I didn’t interact with them much. We were wandering further and further from the road. I think there was a car, and we were drifting away from it. Maybe the car had broken down? Or we were taking a break on a road trip? The field was wide open, though there was a forest on my left as I walked away from the road. Way off to the right was another forest, but the field between the forests was huge. The grasses of the field were very high, they came up to my shoulders. The night was pitch black but the sky was clear and full of stars. I became fearful about the fact that I could not see where my feet were going. There could be dangers in front of me – snakes, holes, barbed-wire, etc. I was walking forward though I could not see where my feet were going. The grass was very thick. I kept trying to pull up the grass so I could create a little space where I could see where I was going. But then things changed. The forest that had been to my left morphed into an incredibly tall bookshelf, hundreds of feet high. I went over to read some books. It occurred to me that no matter how much I studied, I’d never know more than a tiny fraction of how much there was to know. The grass was lower by the bookshelf, and it was easier to see where my feet were going. I started walking forward again. The forest on the other side of the field, far away, had also become a bookshelf, and the bookshelves actually leaned in and touched, way up in the sky. It was a huge vault of knowledge, with an infinite number of books. But ahead of me was still the field, and up ahead I could see where the vault ended, and beyond that was the sky. So I walked to the end of the vault and looked up at the sky, and it struck me that life was open ended and infinite. A very beautiful dream.

Comment by Lawrence

Alimtzaam-inforkaaaon found, problem solved, thanks!

Comment by Maggie

hey! is there any way to reupload that album?

Comment by delorianflight

Hey delorianflight, I’m the author of this blog (new user name). I have some of my old mixes up on Mixcloud (, but not this one. I’ll see if I can get it up there for you.

Comment by fluxbots

Hey delorianflight…. yup, now it’s up. Enjoy!

Comment by fluxbots

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