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Electro-Magnetism: Episode 14 (Triumphant Return)


And you thought Electro-Magnetism was dead, buried in the ground after so many months. But nay, she has been resurrected from the depths. Magic incantations and all, this time through the help of my (trusty?) laptop.

Yes indeed I have completely switched to laptop mixing, and oh how bad I am at it! I don’t find it particularly fun yet so I haven’t been practicing and I’m sad to say it shows.  Hopefully the content will make up for it…

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1. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
2. Judgement of Paris – Answer
3. Silvia – Zuerst Ich
4. Vita Noctis – Alone
5. Nightmoves – Nightdrive
6. Visage – Move Up
7. Jupiter Black Ft. Fred Ventura – Hold Me (Vocal Extended Version)
8. Rygar – Sonic Mission
9. Kano – Ikeya-Seki
10. Faceless Mind – Slowcat
11. Ghentlon – Cheebala
12. Shakti – The Awakening
13. In Trance 95 – Warm Nights Driving on Wet Streets