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Electro-Magnetism Episode 18: The slow approach of Swedish spring


Well, here’s the yearly blog post. The yearly mix. This one doesn’t have any real specific theme, other than these are the artists I’ve been rocking out to over the past year. It’s been an intense year here in Stockholm, as I continue my rocky integration into Swedish culture, and a lot of these songs have been my soundtrack to that experience. Some of the bands are recent discoveries, and some are old favorites.

I recently went on a trip to Grenoble, and came back with a fantastic punk compilation called Sous Sol (thanks Raf!), a gorgeous handmade silkscreened CD made in the dreamy printing room at the 102 squat. I swear that everything they make in there looks like magic!

From this compilation I chose the song Fuir by Taulard, a snappy energetic blast of awesomeness. Xeno & Oaklander‘s latest album from 2011, Sets and Lights, had been on repeat for many a month. The song Blue is actually my second favorite track off that album, the first being Autumn’s Edge. Oh the glistening effervescing arpeggios! I am loving how polished their sound is becoming.

Always plundering the fast expanses of Stephin Merritt’s work, I came upon The 6ths’ last album Hyacinths and Thistles. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but the song Oahu made it all worth while.

“It wasn’t meant to be, she had no time for me cause she was writing a novel…”


  1. Units – Cowboy 
  2. Taulard – Fuir
  3. Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened (Remix Three) 
  4. Xeno & Oaklander – Blue
  5.  Subway – Lowlife
  6. Austra – Spellwork 
  7. Emika – Count backwards
  8. Tara Cross/Unovidual – Touch Me Here, Touch Me There
  9. Thick Pidgeon – Subway 
  10. Jan Hammer Group – Dont you know
  11. Harmonia – Kekse
  12. The 6ths – Oahu

Enjoy the mix!

Ps. Oh, and I’m now on Mixcloud! Come find me there.

Pps. I moved my old files so my old mixes no longer load anymore. Bummer. They were super old though. If you’d like a listen/download, don’t hesitate to post a comment in that mix’s post and I’ll re-up it!

Electro-Magnetism Episode 17: Scandinavian Winter Happies
November 27, 2011, 3:56 pm
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(You can download it as well by clicking the little down-arrow on the Soundcloud thingy above.)

It’s time for another mix! I lean towards cheerful music in winter for some reason (see Episode 2). Maybe just to keep my downtrodden sun-craving soul alive and kicking through the darkness.

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  1. Blondes- Synthesist
  2. Pete Shelley- Witness the Change
  3. Eleven Pond- Portugal
  4. Primadonna- Flashing on the Floor
  5. Schmaalhans Weltraum- Samovar
  6. Det Gylne Triangel- Maskindans
  7. Grimes- Oblivion
  8. Com Truise- Sundripped
  9. Heartsrevolution- Teenage Teardrops (Pyramid Remix)
  10. Plastic Mode- NY Life
  11. Alden Tyrell- Hills of Honolulu
  12. Clockwork Orange- Sensation Boys
  13. Moß Garten- Moderna Kvinnor
  14. The Arms of Someone New- Beacon
  15. Big Ben Tribe- Heroes

I recently moved to Sweden and have been exploring some Scandinavian minimal synth lately, so I included some of that in there as well. Originally I wanted to do an all-Scandinavian mix, but I didn’t quite have enough super duper awesome material. Hopefully by next year I’ll be ready!

One of my new favorite compilations is Maskindans: Norsk Synth from Hommage Records in Oslo, which you can buy here. I highly recommend it! From their description:

Tracks from Tromsø up North to Arendal in the South, tracks recorded as early as 1980 and up to 1988, tracks shorter than two minutes and longer than six, spanning dark wave, avant garde, synth pop and most genres in between; songs that were hits on Norwegian radio and songs that have been totally obscure for 20 years or more. Maskindans is an impressively broad and thorough presentation of the finest Norwegian ’80s electronics.

The whole thing is really quite good, and some of the tracks are really addictive. On my mix, the tracks by Clockwork Orange and Det Gylne Triangel were my favorites from this compilation. I found it quite adorable to read that more than half of the first pressings were snapped up by the Norwegian government for use in libraries, all the way from Oslo to the Russian border.

I’ve also been trying to find as much Swedish language music as I can that I actually like. I included these favorites by Schmaalhans Weltraum and Moß Garten, both Swedish bands from the 1980s.

Some of my favorite modern bands of the moment are also featured on here, including Com Truise (who has a really nice looking website, btw) who I see just recently played Stockholm unknown to me (will. now. kill. self.) and Grimes. I have also been getting into Emika, but her music is in no way perky enough to fit on this mix. Perhaps after my perky wears off and I start wearing sunglasses and black velvet in the darkest depths of winter, I’ll make another mix more suitable to her. (Sounds fun!) But for now, here’s a very nice remix of a song from her recent self-titled debut.

Electro-Magnetism Episode 16: l’eau de l’alouette

Is it merely a coincidence that the Berlin Fernsehturm (TV Tower) resembles a disco ball upon close inspection? Was it by mystical divination that the East German architects constructed such a monument to as-yet undiscovered dance-floor pleasures in 1969? The world will never know.

This mix has been a long time coming.  I created it originally for my partner Jon as part of our ongoing music exchanges. From the beginning I felt like it would make a nice addition to the Electro-Magnetism family, so I asked him if it would be ok to make public and he said “hell yeah,” or some equivalent answer, so here it is. And nope, the Justin Timberlake track is not a typo. 🙂

This is a continuous mix, cut into separate tracks in the download link, for your pleasure.


Listen to it here.

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And! I finally validated my little rss feed, saying farewell to its jankness of the past few years. Celebrate!


1. Human League – Interface
2. Throbbing Gristle – Convincing People
3. D.A.F. – Ich und die Wirklichkeit
4. X-Mal Deutschland – Stummes Kind
5. Crass – Sentiment
6. Harmonia – Walky Talky
7. Experimental Products – Golden Hours
8. Hell – The DJ Feat. P. Diddy
9. Modeselektor – 2000007 (Feat. TTC)
10. Plaid – Lat
11. Dome – Cancel Your Order
12. Carlos Peron – Oui, Oui
13. Human League – Morale… You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
14. Grauzone – Eisbär
15. Tuxedomoon – Incubus (Blue Suit)
16. Hell – Action Interlude
17. Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…/…Comes Around Interlude

Electro-Magnetism: Episode 15
December 3, 2009, 12:48 am
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I recently got back from Europe and it was a bit of a life changing journey. I was reminded that the majority of the world  are not Americans. I hadn’t left this country since Bush came into office and I think that I had just lost all hope in humanity since he showed up. But the rest of the world exists! And its beautiful and old and full of wonderful, kind, compassionate people who just get it. What a relief.

I ran into this wonderful man in Berlin named Inox Kapell.  He showed my friend Camalo and I his Insekteum, a storefront space that had giant plastic insects everywhere, old analog synths, organs and a thrift store too. There was even a really cute music venue in the basement.  As you can guess, I was pretty into the synths so I asked him about them and he told me he was a musician, loved the old electric organs dearly, and would I like his CD? Of course, I said, and thanked him.  I carried it with me for the rest of the trip, through Sweden and back to Holland. When I got home to Brooklyn I popped it in the player, and oh my god I loved it! He’s got many projects but this one is called Puckstörn and I included one of my favorite tracks in this mix.

Tragically, I just read on his website that the Insekteum is closing!
“4 years of subculture art, music and insect discovery is over now.”

Wow, what a shame. I’m so glad I got to see it! If any of you live in Berlin and want some very very cool shit he’s putting all of it on clearance this month. Damn, I wish I was there. The Insekteum is located at Plügerstrasse 70 in Neu Kölln.

For those of you that can’t see the place for yourselves, there is a video on YouTube about the Insekteum and an interview with Inox in German.

Listen to it here.

Download it for later.

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1. Oskar Sala – Concertando Rubato
2. Puckstörn – Basura Del Mundo
3. Antena – To Climb the Cliff
4. Elisa Waut – Russia
5. Can – Oh Yeah
6. Tuxedomoon – Desire
7. Soft Cell – Persuasion
8. The Actor – Inside Out
9. Hypnobeat – Can God Rewind?
10. Klein & M.B.O. – Wonderful (instrumental)
11. Rex The Dog – Gecko
12. Crystal Castles – Vanished
13. Hypnotic Samba – Hypnotic Samba

Electro-Magnetism: Episode 14 (Triumphant Return)


And you thought Electro-Magnetism was dead, buried in the ground after so many months. But nay, she has been resurrected from the depths. Magic incantations and all, this time through the help of my (trusty?) laptop.

Yes indeed I have completely switched to laptop mixing, and oh how bad I am at it! I don’t find it particularly fun yet so I haven’t been practicing and I’m sad to say it shows.  Hopefully the content will make up for it…

Listen to it here.

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1. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
2. Judgement of Paris – Answer
3. Silvia – Zuerst Ich
4. Vita Noctis – Alone
5. Nightmoves – Nightdrive
6. Visage – Move Up
7. Jupiter Black Ft. Fred Ventura – Hold Me (Vocal Extended Version)
8. Rygar – Sonic Mission
9. Kano – Ikeya-Seki
10. Faceless Mind – Slowcat
11. Ghentlon – Cheebala
12. Shakti – The Awakening
13. In Trance 95 – Warm Nights Driving on Wet Streets

I’m back at Skittles this Friday! Yay!


I took a little hiatus at Skittles last month to go to Penland School of Crafts. It feels great to be back in the city once again, especially because our insane little darkwave queer party Skittles is on this Friday night.

The theme this month:  Goths in the Sun. Vaseline in the sand.  Blood in the water. OMG, its a gothic beach party- who said black isn’t a summer color? Wear your smeared eyeliner and dark beachwear to The Outpost on August 7th!

We spin a lovely assortment of beloved and obscure new wave, synth and post-punk for your dancing pleasures.

Rad and freakish video projections all night by our host Casey Spectacular.

Come dance in the dark every first Friday of the month. We’ve got a gorgeous back yard, cheep beer, and no cover of course!

The Outpost @ 1014 Fulton St. Brooklyn NY 11238
9pm – Forever.

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Electro-Magnetism: Episode 13


This month I am going to make the jump to laptop DJing, I swear. Though every month I say that. And every month it doesn’t happen. But hopefully this will be the last mix with CDs and such. I have so much awesome music on my laptop that at this rate will never make it onto these mixes unless I use software to access them. I am attempting to admit to myself that iTunes has completley taken over the way I access and browse music and that I need to embrace it or be eternally frustrated by how archaic browsing physical music has started to feel to me.

I don’t want this to be the case, but it just is.

So there are a bunch of bands I’ve been really loving lately that I just couldn’t play on this mix because they were trapped inside my laptop and couldn’t get out. And that is a crime.

Listen to it here.

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1. Experimental Products – Dreamworld (Live City Gardens 6/12/1983)
2. Alphaville – Romeos (Demo 1)
3. In Trance 95 – Brazilia
4. Epee du Bois – Exits
5. ADN’ Ckrystall – Ovanescent Nocturne
6. Chris Carter – Electrodub 2
7. Xeno and Staccato – Cara’s Kiss
8. Bergheim 34 – Oscillations
9. Schleimer K – On the Odd Again
10. A Certain Ratio – Back to the Start
11. Weltklang- VEB Heimat
12.Modeselektor – Sucker Pin
13.Goudron – Basmatine
14. MDNR – C.L.U.B. (Instrumental)
15. N.O.I.A. – True Love