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50,000 Hits – What the Hell?
December 31, 2008, 12:10 am
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50,000 hits. How does it happen and why? It confuses me.  I suppose that most people find my blog through image searches. I mean, I do check my stats every once and a while (OK, that’s a lie. I’m kind of addicted to checking them because they’re so fascinating) but it doesn’t even show a fraction of the activity on the site.  Who are all you people? Most of you just want to ogle poor Rick Genest.  He is my little blog celebrity according to my stats.  Bless his heart.

The secret to blog hits- just add the word “tattoo” into your blog posting, preferably as a tag as well,  and add a really intense picture of a angsty young man with a really intense facial modification. A Foolproof Recipe!

Though these types of hits make me feel a little bit empty inside, a little violated. Like a whole string of people came running through my house while I slept, took photos of my thoughts, stared aghast at Rick (who is totally my hot boyfriend in this metaphor), and then ran away never to be seen again (or seen at all).  I can tell that they were here (muddy boot prints on the carpet in the living room, plus it was recorded on my surveillance cameras) but there’s nothing else there.  No relationship with these strangers passing through my blog along their cyber-journey. Hope you had fun. Come again? Listen to some music while you poke about, at least.

A strange modern phenomenon among many, this blog business.