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I’ll be DJing at this new party in Brooklyn. DJ Jeffo! will be spinning as well, which I am quite excited about. He spins at the Wierd party and a bunch of other good things.  Should be a blast! Cheep beer and people (as Casey put it). Flyer by yours truly.

dancing. new wave. doom wave. minimal synth. punk. and queers.

with DJ Jeffo! and Lark
Video projections by Casey Spec

First friday of every month

April 3rd 9pm to forever
@ the Outpost
1014 Fulton st
btw Classon and Grand


Submission for Art House’s “The Sketchbook Project: Vol. 3” Goes Into the Mail Tomorrow!

Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3Sketchbook Project Vol. 3

I just completed my submission for Atlanta-based Art House‘s project “The Sketchbook Project: Vol. 3.” The rules: they send you a Moleskine sketchbook and a voluntary theme and you send it back by the deadline. Then they take it, plus a couple thousand other sketchbooks, on tour around the nation. It’ll visit Atlanta, DC, Philly, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, and Brooklyn. To see where you can view them, check out the link to the Sketchbook Project above.

The pictures above show my interpretation of their theme “Everyone We Know.” The pages are all connected- folding out into one long page and back in between the covers accordion-style. The last image above shows how it looks completely folded out. The black space between the portraits is area that I removed with an X-ACTO knife.

Thanks to everyone who sat so I could draw their portrait and thanks to those friends who’s faces I stole from photos without their consent.

If you live in Brooklyn, you can catch the show at 3rd Ward on March 13th at 7pm.

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Absolute Body Control in Brooklyn

An amazing show is coming up in a few months. Just thought I’d help spread the word.

“Absolute Body Control was one of the first projects from Dirk Ivens ( Dive, Sonar, Ex-Klinik ) and Eric Van Wonterghem ( Insekt, Monolith, Ex-Klinik ). Influenced by bands such as Suicide and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and the UK electronic scene, Absolute Body Control first appeared from 1980 on several compilations. The first single “Is There An Exit?” became a local underground hit. Founded by Dirk Ivens, the line-up made various changes but with Eric Van Wonterghem Dirk Ivens found himself a long time collaborator for the coming years regarding mixing, producing and writing. Absolute Body Control were later joined by Marc Verhaghen for the birth of legendary The Klinik” – Schwerindustrie Forum

To the chagrin of many a minimal wave purist, Absolute Body Control has created a new sound for their old material. I actually really like this new take on their early music- the synths are punchier, darker and more defined; the vocals are crisper and sassier. Not to say I don’t love their old shit which has a more youthful and experimental energy. I just like how they’ve modernized their sound. I guess it lends itself nicely to my appreciation for modern minimal techno and electro.

Absolute Body Control- “Figures”
from Wind[Re]Wind released in 2007

Absolute Body Control- “Figures”
from Lost/Found released in 2005, remastered, originally recorded in 1981 (?)

Absolute Body Control- “Give Me Your Hands”
from Wind[Re]Wind released in 2007

Absolute Body Control- “Give Me Your Hands”
from Figures cassette released in 1983

I have already covered my obsession with music of Martial Canterel in a previous post, along with some MP3’s.

I really appreciate the element of adding noise into the evening with Wolf Eyes and Carlos Giffoni. Seeing Wolf Eyes in 2002 induced a religious experience for me…I’m pretty thrilled to see them again! I’ve never seen Carlos Giffoni but sources say that “Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan artist who resides in the New York City area, currently working on an MFA degree in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design. Carlos has been applying various types of synthesis, extreme modular manipulation, rewired instruments, and live re-sampling to the composition of electronic music pieces, as well as improvising live with local and international experimental musicians; He is currently applying digital technologies to create interactive pieces that combine sound and visuals, using java applets, computer vision techniques, Open GL and audio synthesis with C++.
Carlos is also the organizer of the No Fun Fest, a 3 day event in Brooklyn showcasing respected sound artist from all over the world.” –

I missed No Fun Fest last year. It happened about 1 day after I finished moving all my shit here from North Carolina. I decided to rest instead of blasting my eardrums with the screeching of god knows what combination of “instruments” among the sweaty masses. What a fool twas I. What a fool.


I have stopped writing because I work too much. I am now officially brain-dead. Even my inner social commentary has just gone kaput. When I see something entertaining I don’t even shoot sly remarks at things in my head anymore. There’s no more “remember that for later” or “when I’m finally free I’ll….” Nope. It’s just trudging forward through lack of sleep and interest in life these days.

I’m giving the 9-5 a go again, or rather, the 9-6. And I think it isn’t for me, again. No Sir. Surprise. My joy in life has just turned to a sludge similar to what you might find in the drain when there’s a lot of hair and soap residue built up down there. Not a pretty sight. Especially when the water gets all scummy and won’t go away like the people, interests, bills and all the clothes on my floor that are just waiting for me to care.

I’m tired of it. I miss art’s constant magnetism, freaking out listening to music, feeling a mystical religious experience every once and a while, the highs and lows. A natural Prozac substitute, this full-time work business. Maybe once you do it enough then you need the real stuff. Right now it’s just a mellow lack of feeling. Well, a lack of all feeling except frustration.

I plan for it to be over relatively soon with a drop to part-time-ish work, but damn, New York City is a hard place to live in and actually have a creative moment. When I get home I barely have the energy to make dinner.

I’m lucky if I get home by 8pm, so I generally rush along and just bike the 6 miles from Chelsea to Brooklyn with my eyes scanning the horizon and potholes, not stopping until I flop on the couch in my room. Occasionally I get a wild hair up my ass and actually look around me and then I remember why I actually live here.

Like tonight. I saw some things that made me glad. And that was a feeling I had missed for a while. Biking along 20th St towards the Lower East Side I got behind a man on a bike with one of those little add-on back bikes where a little blond girl was perched, peddling along behind her Dad, probably contributing more to fun than peddle power. She was maybe 6 years old. My immediate reaction was shock especially when he barely slipped in between two taxis. Peddling behind them, I envisioned the little girl getting quickly crushed. The Dad navigated along the bike lane until they came upon the NY cyclist’s favorite obstacle- a taxi in the lane. (They should seriously be called taxi or delivery lanes, why lie.) He biked up to the driver’s window and asked him rather nicely to get out of the bike lane. The taxi obliged and slowly pulled out of the way. As they biked by the little girl turned and yelled “get out of the bike lane!” in her squeaky high voice with true conviction. I was so impressed.

On my way up the bridge, I passed a girl weaving her way up the bridge in an “8” formation, going up the bridge circling back and forth horizontally, slowing ascending and smiling to herself. This is quite a difficult way to go up a bridge, but noble none the less.

And then lastly I stopped at the top of the bridge on the Brooklyn side to remove my hoodie as I had worked up quite a sweat by that point and I finally took a breath and looked around me. The city was absolutely perfect- everything had this bright aura around it because of the humidity and the moon hung like a sliver above the skyscrapers. I heard some noise and looked down onto the street far below, close to the giant SCREWRENT graffiti that I love so.

There were some kids skateboarding off a concrete barricade. They had taken some more concrete and smoothed out a spot where the barricade touched the asphalt to create a better ramp. They were having a blast jumping off the thing.

A friend I really like is coming to visit soon. I envision dancing at Weird, playing music together and visits to the Natural Science Museum among other fun things. Having guests helps me take time to enjoy the city again and refreshed my memory of who I want to be.

One reason I like New Yorkers
September 26, 2007, 8:20 pm
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I was biking across the Williamsburg Bridge tonight, coming back from my new daily-ground life up in Manhattan and I was busting ass. Most of the time I haul my laptop around plus a book, water, my lock, some clothes, food and whatnot and I move into a higher gear to make the long incline a bit easier- especially on my way back from the big A because there probably were a couple near-death experiences that kinda got the old blood flowing and now I’m crashing from over-stimulation and coffee.

But in any case tonight, maybe it was the coffee or maybe it was just the sense of post-work freedom, I was in one of my lower gears and I was sailing past all the fixies, charging up the bridge. I get whims like this- bursts of energy, invulnerability, invincibleness, what-have-you, and it feels nice to expend my energy while I ride my bike. I guess it’s like running really really hard on a hamster wheel.

In most places I have lived I cycle up a steep hill with all my might and men whistle or cat-call “damn girl”or “can I get a ride?”- hoping I might just pull to the side so they can swoop me off my feet with their love-skills. Other times people just look at me like I’m a quack.

As I cycled up the bridge tonight, leaning hard on my handle-bars, breathing rhythmically, feeling triumphant and just a little quackish, I passed others coming up towards me biking just as furiously and with just as much passion, if not more. It was an army of passionate people, unafraid of over-stimulation and pushing themselves harder just for the sake of it. Maybe I’m romanticizing it but it feels good to be surrounded by strangers who give a shit about their lives and who aren’t settling for boredom.

First day at the new job
September 24, 2007, 7:55 pm
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Oh. My. God. My ass got whooped. Like majorly…

I started my new job at a large web firm in Chelsea this morning. I put on a crisp new t-shirt and my clean-enough jeans and loaded on the crystal deodorant which I knew would be useless against a first day at work so I brought it along for later.

I took the train, which I never do, only because, well, it was my first day at the big firm and I wanted to smell kind of presentable and not be all disheveled and sweaty first off. But the Iranian president foiled my plans by being in town and slowing the trains to a grinding halt because of heavy security. I got there 20 minutes late. Never will I rely on a good first impression by taking the train.

But no one noticed. The punk-looking girl in the elevator just started recently too, it seemed pretty cool to her. And when we got buzzed in through the two layers of glass and hardwood doors, the place was pretty empty and some nice folks showed me around. I was then showed the basics of how the plethora of files are organized and the systems that are involved at my swanky little stainless steal desk and double flat screen monitors. No sweat, I thought. And then I waited to be told what to work on. And I waited, and waited and….

Went to lunch. Had yummy falafel and Turkish coffee and then went back. I was then presented with my tasks, which didn’t seem too rough. Templates existed, just copy them and fill in what hasn’t been created yet. Here are the file names on this piece of paper. That piece of paper took a while to get copied for me and then I was off to work, sort of. Navigating the system of preexisting files and images took me HOURS. I won’t bore you with the details but at one point I had almost completed a page, and then during a search, discovered that it had already been created by someone else.  I almost completed something by the end of the day today. It’s all due tomorrow and then I’ll be on another project.

I walked to the subway, a zombie in a stinky t-shirt, brain-hurting. The subway was fun though. I would close my eyes, wait a few stops, then reopen them to find the whole scene had changed. The closer to Brooklyn I got the more intriguing it became. For the whole ride I sat next to a rad looking black fellow wearing a kufi, baggy bleached jams, jewelry and sunglasses reading muslim literature about the Hajj. Standing next to us was a young Hasidic jew with scruffy eyebrows. They never fail to captivate me. When I opened my eyes again the jew had disappeared and a large woman in a big pink knit sweater had materialized. She was smiling like she had a secret, and I guess she did cuz she was listening to her mp3 player and was really enjoying what she was hearing. She kept trying to be chill about it, but her smile kept creeping back and I couldn’t help but smile too, sharing her joy.

When I stepped out of the subway station, the air was crisp and the sky was pink and the moon, almost totally full, was hanging there straight down Fulton St. Everyone seemed very alive and then I heard the adhan from the Fulton St. mosque and felt like it was all worth it.

Thanks Liz
September 23, 2007, 3:43 pm
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So here I am with a wordpress weblog. I’ve actually been meaning to start a blog for a very long time, well, ever since I got to NYC which feels like a couple lifetimes ago. I had this dream of getting my own domain a la and creating a wordpress weblog there and also using the site to showcase my web design portfolio, art, music, photos and ramblings. I started creating the masthead and got frustrated with trying to make the design absolutely perfect because I felt like it had to represent everything I can do as a designer. Well, f**k that.

And then my friend Liz last week sent out an email with a link to her weblog. She has helped me see that I can’t really grow into a tired and cynical older woman because that just isn’t my style, or hers. Her writing is always such a pleasure to read, so full of humor and patience. If Liz can do it, I should too! And then I realized that it was indeed time for me to stop procrastinating and that that moment only minutes ago was as good a time as any for me to get my act together to have a presence on the web…well, besides one of the sites I create for other people.

I see this as part of my emergence into the world.

Within the last few years I have come to the realization that I have hidden myself away for the majority of my life. That has included my artwork (which was rarely shown to people), my interests (which I assumed no one would appreciate or take seriously) and my honest opinions. I have made the decision to express myself as much as I can and I am constantly working on feeling safer to do this. People I effect just might be better for it.

I plan to acquire a digital camera and document my daily life here in the craziest place I have ever lived hands down, and I’d also like to post up artwork, my own music and the music of others that inspires me. Sooner or later, I’d like to customize the CSS on this page and make the design unique, but that might be a while. It’s hard for me get excited about doing any coding in my free time. In theory, it sounds great, but in reality, it might be few months. But I’ll keep changing the header picture whenever the mood strikes me.