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Skittles Party – June 5th!

A little advanced notice never hurt anyone. I just finished this flyer…pretty happy about it. The June party’s theme is “painted babies” so I tried to work that in there. Something to do with the freakishness that is the pageant baby industry and Casey’s obsession with JonBenét Ramsey.  I couldn’t bear the idea of using her face on the flyer, so well, I didn’t. Phew.

We spin a lovely assortment of beloved and obscure new wave, synth and post-punk for your dancing pleasures.

Rad and freakish video projections all night by our host Casey Spectacular.

Come dance in the dark every first Friday of the month. We’ve got a gorgeous back yard, cheep beer, and no cover of course!

The Outpost @ 1014 Fulton St. Brooklyn NY 11238
9pm – Forever.

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Skittles strikes again!

It’s time for another Skittles party! I’ll be playing all my favorite obscure dance tracks from the 80’s.

@The Outpost
1014 Fulton St. Brooklyn NY 11238

Our next party is May 1st

9pm- forever

Admission is FREE!

DJs Jeffo!, Lark and Dirty Knees

Video Projections Casey Spec

Electro-Magnetism: Episode 11 (Spring and Solvent!)

Is it really here? After so many false starts? The trees say yes, but I’m pessimistic. It’ll never come! Ever!

Well it’s sunny out, though I haven’t felt it on my skin yet since I’ve been trollishly indoors all day. I am heading out in a minute after I post this. I swear.

My original intention with this mix was to incorporate a theme. I wanted to celebrate the fact that one of my all time favorite musicians, Solvent, is performing April 29th at Wierd at 131 Christie. What a treat! Based in Toronto, Solvent (aka Jason Amm) has been hugely influential on my tastes in music and my attempts to make my own. Its unique even within the realm of synthesizer pop and after exhausting all his material I struggled to find other bands similar enough to him to fulfill my analog bleep-filled desires. There really weren’t any others that quite hit the spot! What to do? I explored a little and discovered his label Suction Records which is now kaput but offered me Lowfish, his other project Black Turtleneck and the Snow Robots compilations (though most of the tracks I love on the comps are side projects of his).

Shortly thereafter I came across the music of Roger Semsroth, aka Skanfrom and now Sleeparchive. He was also the synth mastermind behind Bakterielle Infektion. His music in B.I. and Skanfrom, melancholy and dark synthetic pop sometimes verging on noise, has really grown on me as has his new minimal material. Lovely.

So my choices for this mix today all stem from my fascination in some way with the instrumental-meticulous-analog-synth-warm-yet-chilly music of Solvent. I think. Well, a lot of it does anyway. And some of it I just thought was pretty and threw in for good measure. Like “Who is Kip Jones?” by Experimental Products. I am totally obsessed right now! That song has become a daily ritual….


Listen to it here.

Download it for later.

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1. Stephan Bodzin – Bremen Ost
2. Sleeparchive – QCD
3. Bakterielle Infektion – Verbindung
4. Jeunesse Fantôme – Księżyc
5. Solvent – Operating Ease
6. Lowfish – Fric Frac
7. Goudron – Art School Fuckheads
8. Skanfrom – My New 7″
9. Black Turtleneck – Step Sequencer
10. Reducers – Airways
11. Solvent – Wish
12. I Satellite – Bubbleboy (Instrumental)
13. Skanfrom – In 17
14. Beirut – No Dice
15. Experimental Products – Who is Kip Jones?

Electro-Magnetism: Episode 9 (of sweetness)


I’ve had a long break with the mixes- but this one will make up for it! Totally rockin dark-as-all-get-out proto-EBM tunes, plus a wonderful track off of the new Vinyl-On-Demand re-release from Experimental Product’s Prototype and Garage Tracks- which, by the way, you should snag as soon as possible because it is really a gem! I bought mine through Michael Gross of EP and he clarified the back cover photo for me (see above) and signed it. Sweet! It’s been on the turntable for about a solid 48 hours…Joy. You can pick up a copy for yourself through their Myspace page (save on shipping if you’re in the US!), Germany’s Vinyl-On-Demand or Anna Logue Records.

In addition to Experimental Products and proto-EBM, I’ve been scouring the web for all projects involving the man who calls himself Abberline or Francois Remigi of Toulouse France. He’s done a few different projects- namely defunct Opera (so good), current Remiggi 5000 and Abberline. With his lovely hot vocals I want them all! I included one track off the Rock Machine compilation from Remiggi 5000. Unfortunately very little is available from them but hopefully there will some sort of full release in the future. He also works with a man who calls himself Assisted.Brain.By.O., also from Toulouse, who does a minimal synth project of the same name, A.B.B.O., that I love right now. If I could get some not-shitty quality MP3’s I would play some…Another darker synth project of his, Le Moine, has a track on the new Enfant Terrible comp Radio Resistencia

Speaking of hot french vocals, I also included a track (also off the Rock Machine comp) from Quebec’s Automelodi aka Xavier Paradis aka Arnaud Lazlaud. The man is talented! Everything he does is golden, I swear. And silky and highly danceable.

…….And! he’s going to be performing at NYC’s Wierd on April 8th next month at Home Sweet Home (at 131 Chrystie St.).  Not to be missed!

There ends my spiel. Enjoy the mix!

Listen to it here.

Download it for later.

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1. Basking Sharks – Croatia
2. Experimental Products – Aviation
3. Automelodi – Schema Corporel
4. Remiggi 5000 – Ultra-sensitive
5. Electronome – S.I.A.S.G. (remix)
6. Skanfrom – Earth 11
7. Throbbing Gristle – AB/7A
8. Analysis – Connections
9. Sudeten Creche – Dance (Instrumental)
10. Front 242 – U-men (Instrumental)
11. Velodrome – Glasfabrik
12. Die Krupps – … Denn Du Lebst Nur Einmal
13. Metro Pakt – C.T.I.
14. Absolute Body Control – What is the Disease?
15. Daily Fauli – Speed
16. A Blaze Colour – Follow the Signs
17. Ensemble Pittoresque – Auratorium

A piece of mine will be in Contempt’s 10th Anniversary Art Show
September 12, 2008, 4:38 pm
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Contempt!, a monthly event focusing on gothic music here in NYC, is having a 10th Anniversary Art Show and Ball with dark art adorning the walls and live Djs spinning music all night. This piece of mine, entitled “Skulls,” is going to be in the show on September 20, 2008.

I will be sharing the space with quite a few amazing artists who specialize in incredible gothic artwork, including oil painter Carrie Anne Baede.


The Tenth Anniversary Black and White Ball

Saturday, September 20, 2008

at M1-5

52 Walker St., NYC

10pm – 4am

Artists reception @ 9:30 PM

FREE before 11pm

$5 after 11 in theme dress or w/ invitation/flyer/e-mail/RIP pin/etc.

$7 after 11 empty-handed

21+ with ID

Check out these websites for more information:

Contempt Art Show


Contempt Anniversary Art Show

Show tomorrow- Fantasy Mirrors
September 27, 2007, 11:53 pm
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I am sleepy because I have worked really hard this week making the big money, but I just wanted to post this up real quick. I first heard this band off of a mix tape a friend made for me, back when I lived in North Carolina, and I could not get enough of this song.

They used to be called Cassette, which I think I like better, but it was hard to google anything about them, that’s for sure.

The song’s about being a prom dress. Brilliant.

Fantasy Mirrors-“Try Me On”

Their Myspace Page

It could be hipster synth-pop in the flesh, but I have a feeling its something more special. In any case, I’m going to go find out Friday night because they are playing at 200 Orchard at 10pm. I’m not sure what exactly is going on- I had a hard time finding any real information about the event besides its like a party for a hipster magazine or something. Yikes. But I’m willing to part the swoopy haired masses for a glimpse at this Boston-based mystery band that I have fetishized for some time.

Thanks Liz
September 23, 2007, 3:43 pm
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So here I am with a wordpress weblog. I’ve actually been meaning to start a blog for a very long time, well, ever since I got to NYC which feels like a couple lifetimes ago. I had this dream of getting my own domain a la and creating a wordpress weblog there and also using the site to showcase my web design portfolio, art, music, photos and ramblings. I started creating the masthead and got frustrated with trying to make the design absolutely perfect because I felt like it had to represent everything I can do as a designer. Well, f**k that.

And then my friend Liz last week sent out an email with a link to her weblog. She has helped me see that I can’t really grow into a tired and cynical older woman because that just isn’t my style, or hers. Her writing is always such a pleasure to read, so full of humor and patience. If Liz can do it, I should too! And then I realized that it was indeed time for me to stop procrastinating and that that moment only minutes ago was as good a time as any for me to get my act together to have a presence on the web…well, besides one of the sites I create for other people.

I see this as part of my emergence into the world.

Within the last few years I have come to the realization that I have hidden myself away for the majority of my life. That has included my artwork (which was rarely shown to people), my interests (which I assumed no one would appreciate or take seriously) and my honest opinions. I have made the decision to express myself as much as I can and I am constantly working on feeling safer to do this. People I effect just might be better for it.

I plan to acquire a digital camera and document my daily life here in the craziest place I have ever lived hands down, and I’d also like to post up artwork, my own music and the music of others that inspires me. Sooner or later, I’d like to customize the CSS on this page and make the design unique, but that might be a while. It’s hard for me get excited about doing any coding in my free time. In theory, it sounds great, but in reality, it might be few months. But I’ll keep changing the header picture whenever the mood strikes me.