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Electro-Magnetism Episode 18: The slow approach of Swedish spring


Well, here’s the yearly blog post. The yearly mix. This one doesn’t have any real specific theme, other than these are the artists I’ve been rocking out to over the past year. It’s been an intense year here in Stockholm, as I continue my rocky integration into Swedish culture, and a lot of these songs have been my soundtrack to that experience. Some of the bands are recent discoveries, and some are old favorites.

I recently went on a trip to Grenoble, and came back with a fantastic punk compilation called Sous Sol (thanks Raf!), a gorgeous handmade silkscreened CD made in the dreamy printing room at the 102 squat. I swear that everything they make in there looks like magic!

From this compilation I chose the song Fuir by Taulard, a snappy energetic blast of awesomeness. Xeno & Oaklander‘s latest album from 2011, Sets and Lights, had been on repeat for many a month. The song Blue is actually my second favorite track off that album, the first being Autumn’s Edge. Oh the glistening effervescing arpeggios! I am loving how polished their sound is becoming.

Always plundering the fast expanses of Stephin Merritt’s work, I came upon The 6ths’ last album Hyacinths and Thistles. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but the song Oahu made it all worth while.

“It wasn’t meant to be, she had no time for me cause she was writing a novel…”


  1. Units – Cowboy 
  2. Taulard – Fuir
  3. Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened (Remix Three) 
  4. Xeno & Oaklander – Blue
  5.  Subway – Lowlife
  6. Austra – Spellwork 
  7. Emika – Count backwards
  8. Tara Cross/Unovidual – Touch Me Here, Touch Me There
  9. Thick Pidgeon – Subway 
  10. Jan Hammer Group – Dont you know
  11. Harmonia – Kekse
  12. The 6ths – Oahu

Enjoy the mix!

Ps. Oh, and I’m now on Mixcloud! Come find me there.

Pps. I moved my old files so my old mixes no longer load anymore. Bummer. They were super old though. If you’d like a listen/download, don’t hesitate to post a comment in that mix’s post and I’ll re-up it!

First day at the new job
September 24, 2007, 7:55 pm
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Oh. My. God. My ass got whooped. Like majorly…

I started my new job at a large web firm in Chelsea this morning. I put on a crisp new t-shirt and my clean-enough jeans and loaded on the crystal deodorant which I knew would be useless against a first day at work so I brought it along for later.

I took the train, which I never do, only because, well, it was my first day at the big firm and I wanted to smell kind of presentable and not be all disheveled and sweaty first off. But the Iranian president foiled my plans by being in town and slowing the trains to a grinding halt because of heavy security. I got there 20 minutes late. Never will I rely on a good first impression by taking the train.

But no one noticed. The punk-looking girl in the elevator just started recently too, it seemed pretty cool to her. And when we got buzzed in through the two layers of glass and hardwood doors, the place was pretty empty and some nice folks showed me around. I was then showed the basics of how the plethora of files are organized and the systems that are involved at my swanky little stainless steal desk and double flat screen monitors. No sweat, I thought. And then I waited to be told what to work on. And I waited, and waited and….

Went to lunch. Had yummy falafel and Turkish coffee and then went back. I was then presented with my tasks, which didn’t seem too rough. Templates existed, just copy them and fill in what hasn’t been created yet. Here are the file names on this piece of paper. That piece of paper took a while to get copied for me and then I was off to work, sort of. Navigating the system of preexisting files and images took me HOURS. I won’t bore you with the details but at one point I had almost completed a page, and then during a search, discovered that it had already been created by someone else.  I almost completed something by the end of the day today. It’s all due tomorrow and then I’ll be on another project.

I walked to the subway, a zombie in a stinky t-shirt, brain-hurting. The subway was fun though. I would close my eyes, wait a few stops, then reopen them to find the whole scene had changed. The closer to Brooklyn I got the more intriguing it became. For the whole ride I sat next to a rad looking black fellow wearing a kufi, baggy bleached jams, jewelry and sunglasses reading muslim literature about the Hajj. Standing next to us was a young Hasidic jew with scruffy eyebrows. They never fail to captivate me. When I opened my eyes again the jew had disappeared and a large woman in a big pink knit sweater had materialized. She was smiling like she had a secret, and I guess she did cuz she was listening to her mp3 player and was really enjoying what she was hearing. She kept trying to be chill about it, but her smile kept creeping back and I couldn’t help but smile too, sharing her joy.

When I stepped out of the subway station, the air was crisp and the sky was pink and the moon, almost totally full, was hanging there straight down Fulton St. Everyone seemed very alive and then I heard the adhan from the Fulton St. mosque and felt like it was all worth it.