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OK, I’ve been tagged.
November 26, 2008, 11:43 pm
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This reminds me a little too much of a Myspace survey/ chain letter so I was hesitant to participate, but fuck it.

Carrot Quinn tagged me. Now I am supposed to tell you seven weird facts about myself and then I make seven other bloggers do this.  I’m not sure I know seven other bloggers.  Well, maybe I know seven bloggers total.  I think I am going to skip that part.

This is what procrastination on Wednesday night can do to you.

1. My right hand hurts when I have sad thoughts about my father.

2. I rode on a camel for 10 days through the desert to an ancient fort city.  One morning along the way, after sleeping in the desert, I woke up with eight spider bites all over my body.

3. I didn’t speak for 10 days while meditating for 10 hours a day.  Eight days into it my mind ceased to process thoughts with words until I began speaking aloud again after the eleventh day.

4. My best friend through high school was a parakeet named Zacharia.

5. A few years ago I watched a deaf woman shoot heroin.

6. I held the hand of my friend Dustin in the hospital after he had overdosed on heroin. He was braindead. They pulled the plug on his life-support machine a few days later.

7. I have no tattoos anywhere and I don’t plan on getting any ever.